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Loxbeare Autumn Update 2019

It was good to welcome so many in Loxbeare Church at the Group Service on 28 July when we said our final and sad farewell's to John & Marion R...

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Nothing to Wear - Gazette Aug 2019

It’s a dilemma. It’s a regular dilemma. In fact, it’s an almost daily dilemma, and it takes far, far too much time, effort and thoug...

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Calverleigh Summer Update

We praise God for the glorious sunshine and give thanks that the farmers and growers have had good weather to be able to get grass cut, dried and stor...

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News from Loxbeare - July 2019

On 17 June the monthly Group Sing Praise mid-week worship evening was held at Loxbeare which took the form of a Kenya-Style communion service.  I...

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Street Pastors

It was great to have the Street Pastors with us as we met as a Mission Community at Cruwys Morchard at the end of June. We were able to give them &pou...

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Comings and Goings

At last it feels as if the summer is here, and with it the arrival of visitors and the departure of people as they go off on holiday. I love having...

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It's a Mystery

In my opinion, there are certain things that should work in exactly the same way - wherever you happen to be, home or abroad. Microwaves. Buying train...

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Calverleigh June 2019 Round Up

Hallelujah! Christ has risen and what a gloriously sunny weekend we had to celebrate it with. On 7 April at the cluster service, Clementine was wel...

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Loxbeare June 2019 Round Up

Our Mothering Sunday Service was held in the Village Hall and was taken by Linda.  It was a lovely service and the Children participated and also...

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Is this you?

Do you love Jesus? Do you believe in the Mission Community? Do you know and understand rural communities? Do you want to see ...

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