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Steph ReflEXE - Feb 2018

I have just been to the cinema to see 'Darkest Hour'. And apart from feeling so pleased that we have a local cinema - otherwise I would nev...

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A Theological Thought from Tescos!

For some unbeknown reason I found myself in Tescos the day after Boxing Day. I am pretty sure this was NOT because we needed any sprouts/prosecco/o...

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Happy New Year from Calverleigh Church

We hope that you all had a good Christmas and our very best wishes for the New Year. Our Autumn Fayre took place on 18 November with a good var...

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A new addition

Well, it's happened. We have a new addition to the family. I know it's not unusual, and probably only to be expected after a wedding. But i...

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Stoodleigh Services

Repairs have been done and the scaffolding removed so the Carol Service on 17th December will be held in St Margaret's Church as usual. ...

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Informal midweek worship starts in January

From 18th January 2018 we will be launching a new monthly service of Informal Worship in various locations across the Mission Community. The first ...

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Steph ReflExe: Wedding

There are not many times when I have felt completely speechless and overwhelmed. But getting married is definitely one of them. Robert and I have, ...

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Why are we waiting?

Altogether now….to the tune of, 'O Come all ye faithful' 'Why are we waiting?' Why are we waiting? Why are we waiting? W...

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Christmas and Autumn Updates from Calverleigh

October was a busy month for baptisms in Calverleigh. On Sunday 1 October we welcomed Elizabeth Rosabella Casandra, her parents, family and support...

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A Blog from the Rectrix

Well, its's all new and it's all good and it’s all rather wonderful... and it's all taking a bit of getting used to! Married life...

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