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Thy Kingdom Come 2018

The Archbishops of Canterbury and York are inviting Christians to join another wave of prayer across the UK and around the world - praying that peo...

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It's all an education!

I am having to educate my husband. (And to be fair, he's having to educate me - but we won't go into that now!) We've visited places th...

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Steph ReflEXE - Apr 2018

Well, I came back from holiday looking forward to catching up watching some programmes on iplayer. Husband was out, so it was a perfect opportunity...

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Exe Valley Notices for Sunday 25th March 2018

Want to know what's coming up in the Exe Valley this next week and as we head towards Easter? Well, good news! Here are this week's notices...

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Thy Kingdom Come

What are you doing between 10 - 20 May 2018, the ten day period between Ascension Day and Pentecost? This is an opportunity for us to respond to Ar...

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Calverleigh Round Up - March 2018

We hope that you all managed to cope well enough with the cold and the snow and were not too inconvenienced. Hopefully the longer, sunnier days are...

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Calverleigh Rotas for April and May 2018

It takes a team of volunteers to keep our Church building and grounds looking as good as they do. If you would like to help out - in any way shape ...

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Washfield, Rackenford and Withleigh services cancelled

Due to the adverse weather conditions we regretfully had to cancel all this week's cluster services (9.30am in Washfield, 11.15am in Rackenford...

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Change of Venue - Womens Bible Study

From this point on the Women’s Bible Study Group will be meeting from now on at Barton View, Loxbeare, instead of Churchill House. Our Women&...

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A prayer for Lent

O Lord our God, teach us, we beseech you, to ask you for the right blessings. Steer the vessel of our life towards yourself, you tranquil haven of ...

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