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Fresh Beginnings 2021 - Video

Fresh Beginnings is our latest online reflection for the start of the new year. Please have a look at it below, and please encourage others to do so. ...

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Nativity Competition Winners

Thanks to all of you whom entered the Nativity competition. There were some truly original creations and we're really proud of all of you. You can...

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Carol Services

Good Morning everyone, Sorry for the delay this week, I hope this finds you all well. We are pleased to let you know that we are able to go ahea...

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Loxbeare December Round Up 2020

At the time of writing, we are a few days into lockdown once more.  We hope & pray that by the time the magazine is out, it will be lifted or...

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Calverleigh Round Up - December 2020

Well what can we say? last month we were starting to think about December services and now we will have to wait and see.  By the time most of you...

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Calverleigh Nativity Character Competition

Can you create a character from the nativity using items from your home? It can be big or small made indoors or outdoors and can be made out of an...

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Calverleigh Latest - Nov 2020

I hope that this finds you all well. Following the new lockdown restrictions we are sadly unable to hold the Remembrance service on Sunday or any s...

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Calverleigh October Update

How lovely it has been to have the opportunity to return to church to celebrate Holy Communion around our Mission Community and to spend time and fell...

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Loxbeare October Round Up

It is good that children & young people are able to attend school, college & universities again & many people have gone back to work. We h...

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Recipe Book

The people of Rackenford have contributed to a recipe book, to raise funds for Rackenford Church. This is a professionally presented, practical and co...

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