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Loxbeare May Round Up 2023

It has been good to enjoy the lovely spring flowers & see the shrubs & trees beginning to bud, although some suffered with the wind & rain...

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Calverleigh May Round Up 2023

Hallelujah! Christ has Risen. Hallelujah! How lovely it was to celebrate the rising of our Saviour Jesus Christ together, either on zoom or in person,...

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An Easter Prayer

Lord, we pray for your Church, that in this Easter season we may have the faith to know our Lord risen indeed. O Lord Jesus Christ, through your ri...

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Agape Meal

On Thursday 6th April 2023 we will be holding our annual Agape Meal at 6:30pm in Washfield Village Hall Do please join us for an Agape Meal on Maun...

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Coffee Morning - 12 April 2023

Our next Coffee Morning will take place on Wednesday 12 April 2023 at 10.00am at the Golf Club. It would be helpful if you can let Sally Mundy or S...

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Palm Sunday Prayers

Lord, we pray for your Church, that we may greet our Lord with joy and have the courage to follow him to the cross. Lord Jesus Christ, the crowds ...

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Lent: Penitence and forgiveness

Lord God, have mercy on your Church, that we may serve you with pure hearts. God of compassion, you keep on loving us when we go astray, and in y...

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Palm Crosses

If you have ordered Palm Crosses from the office could arrange to come and pick them up as soon as possible, please? ...

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Palm Sunday and Good Friday Services

Each year we have special services on Palm Sunday and Good Friday, we'd love it if you could join us. 2 April 2023: Palm Sunday   ...

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Exe Valley Lunch

Please come and join us on Thursday 22nd March from 12.30 - 2.30pm at Calverleigh Court for an Exe Valley Lunch. To book a place please contact the...

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