Exe Valley Mission Community


Continuing to Pray for Ukraine

Please join me each day at 12.00 noon to stop, wherever you are, and pray for Ukraine.

Lord God, we pray for your Church, that we may grow together into ever greater unity in love.

Lord Jesus Christ,
you taught your disciples to be one,
even as you and the Father are one,
and you call us in our own day to work for that unity which is your gift and will.
Send your Spirit of concord into the hearts of all Christian people,
that we may have humility to learn the truth that others bring,
the wisdom to find words that give voice to a shared and greater vision of God,
and the love that refuses to rest until all are reconciled as one family of faith in you,
O Jesus Christ our Lord.

(The Canterbury Book of New Parish Prayers by M.J. Kramer)

I hope to see you over the course of the coming week.
With my love and prayers,

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