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Calverleigh Round Up - Nov/Dec 2018

Congratulations to everyone who has celebrated a big birthday or anniversary recently. We pray that you had a good time. On 30 Sept we had one ...

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Loxbeare Update - Nov 2018

Our Harvest Thanksgiving celebrations began with a service on Sat 22 September led by John with Rev Kevin Chandler from Bampton the speaker.  ...

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Christian Comment - Oct 2018

Whenever I can, I enjoy spending time with a certain five-year-old. He comes out with some very funny things. For example, he has been told not, un...

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Keep it under your hat - Holiday Club 2018 Feedback

This year’s Holiday Club was held at Calverleigh Hall. Around 50 children attended during the week. A big thank you to all who helped...

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Reflections at the end of my placement

During my placement with the Exe Valley Mission Community I have learned so much, that it’s hard to know where to start. It has been a pr...

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There are some things I never get around to doing. Never. Never ever. The coats on the hooks by the front door, for example. There are several ...

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Calverleigh Round Up - Oct 2018

On 14 July a fundraising Summer Tea with Friends was held at Calverleigh village hall. The afternoon was hosted by Jackie Herniman and Mandy Cotter...

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Loxbeare Round Up - Oct 2018

At the time of writing we are looking forward to Harvest Celebrations on 22 September with service, sports & teas. Harvest Supper on the 24 &am...

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Steph ReflEXE - Aug 2018

There has been so much to reflect on over the past few weeks and I have been delighted to do so... lying in the sun... stretched out in the paddlin...

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Welcome Gerda

Hello... My name is Gerda and I am an Ordinand (first stage of training for the priesthood) with the Benefice of Newton Abbot. I have just comp...

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