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Force Cancer Charity - Coronavirus Update

FORCE Cancer Charity regretfully announced on Tuesday March 17 the temporary closure of its Support and Information Centre in Exeter. The charity wil...

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Calverleigh Easter Update

With signs of new life all around us we look forward to Easter and celebrating the resurrection of our Lord and Saviour. It was with sadness that we ...

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Loxbeare Easter Round Up

Happy Easter to everyone.  Our services begin with the cluster service with Calverleigh and Washfield joining us on Palm Sunday 5 April.  We...

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All church services suspended

Dear Parishioners, This afternoon I have heard from Bishop Robert, and from our Archbishops, that church services and meetings in church are to be ...

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A Coronavirus prayer

Caring Father, we pray for our world at this time of uncertainty as the Coronavirus spreads.  We pray for those who live in fear of becoming u...

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Notices and Prayer Diary for 15th March 2020

At present all services will continue as normal, though precautions will be taken at all services. Please see the Church of England website for more d...

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A Confession

I have to confess that over the past couple of months, we have become a tiny bit addicted. Only a tiny bit, but nevertheless a very small obsession ha...

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Calverleigh Feb 2020 update

Happy New Year to all and we hope that you have all had a good Christmas and have managed to avoid the nasty coughs and colds that are circulating at ...

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Loxbeare January 2020 Round Up

A Happy New year to everyone and trust you all had a blessed Christmas as we celebrated the birth of our Saviour Jesus Christ. We joined Calverleigh f...

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Christian Comment - Gazette Nov 2019

I was driving along the other day, musing to myself that appearances can be deceptive, and that things are not always as they seem, when a funny thing...

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