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Calverleigh July Round Up 2023

With the weather more settled at the time of writing the countryside has come to life. Early morning birdsong along with fledglings darting around our gardens, bees busy pollinating, God has given us a beautiful world to make our days brighter.

The Coronation

On Sunday 7 May a special service was held to commemorate the coronation of King Charles III for which the church was regally decorated and looked very patriotic with red, white, blue and purple in every place possible. The service was led by Julie and included a song that had been written for schools entitled ‘Our King’ (by Becky Drake & Blue Coat School Coventry Choir) was played as a reflective piece of music. Fun and factual information had been found giving us a deeper insight into what has given the small boy, teenager, young man and then Prince of Wales pleasure over his years as heir apparent.

A bring and share 'Big Lunch' was enjoyed by all present. Two celebration cakes had been made and a toast was given by Billy. To commemorate the occasion each member of the congregation were given a bookmark and a book. Our thanks go to all who contributed in any way towards the service from flower arrangers, readers, those who donated wine, celebration cake and a varied selection of delicious food.

The festivities continued the following afternoon on the bank holiday Monday. St. Mary's bellringers played their part in Ring for the King, ringing the bells for approx. 30 minutes at 2.45pm. Thank you to the ringers for taking part on this historic weekend.

At the same time the Village hall committee had very kindly arranged a bring and share afternoon tea for parishioners and St. Mary’s congregation, continuing the coronation festivities. With the hall full there were a couple of games for the children to play and a toast was made to King Charles. Thank you to the hall committee for your kind invitation and all your hard work putting the afternoon together. A good time was had by all.

Day of Prayer

Our annual day of prayer took place on 13 May and 30+ people joined in over a 12 hour period to fill a half hour slot praying for local, national and global issues. Many thanks to all who took part in this faith activity.


With a service led by Rev’d Claire Curtis, 14 May saw the congregation of the church welcome the family and friends of Sophia for her baptism. Our very best wishes go to Sophia and her family as she begins her faith journey.


May 16 saw our Annual Parochial Church meeting. Re-elected as church wardens are Aubrey Goldsworthy and Jackie Herniman who is also continuing as PCC Treasurer, Julie Goldsworthy as PCC secretary and parish safeguarding representative. Aubrey also continues as Deanery Synod representative. PCC members re-elected are David Burton, Julie Goldsworthy, Shirley Goldsworthy, Sheila Greenslade and Lorna Thomas. Rev’d Claire Curtis (Chair) and the PCC as a whole thanked everyone for all they do to keep our church going whether by leading services, fundraising or building maintenance along with all those who give of their time on the cleaning, flower or mowing rotas. Whether you give a little time or a LOT we appreciate you all. You all rock!

The East Window

In case you were wondering, the east window on the south aisle of the church has now been removed for restoration, so don't worry, it hasn't been stolen. It may well be back in place by the time you are reading this. There remain a couple more windows to do following this.

Exe Valley Choir

Sunday 28 May was Pentecost and Calverleigh hosted the group service which included Holy Communion. The church was packed full. It was lovely to have the Exe Valley Choir with us whose voices blended together beautifully. Well done to the soloist for a great rendition of 'O happy day' ably backed by the rest of the choir. Well done once again Sarah for taking charge and conducting. The addition of various musical instruments added to the whole experience, especially the African drum and the children's voices. We were transported back to childhood with Steph's talk on the Holy Spirit when we were handed small windmills as part of her demonstration. Thank you Steph, Claire and all who have put a lot of work and practice in to this special event.

Coffee Morning

Marcus ably arranged a coffee morning in memory of his father Graham Webber on 3 June. He and the team would like to say a huge thank you to everyone who supported it whether by coming along, baking the delicious cakes, donating draw prizes or helping on the day. Over £600 was raised in for Force Cancer Support. Well done Marcus.

As the school year draws to an end we wish pupils a safe Summer break and to all staff a restful time away from school in readiness for the new educational year in September. 

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