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Calverleigh September Round Up 2021

As life is returning to what feels a bit more 'normal' it is great that we are now able to meet up in larger groups and begin to partake in some of our usual church/parish activities. However we are aware that for some of our congregation or parishioners life is still being lived in a cautious and safe way and we must continue to respect each others right to do this. Hopefully in time we will all have the confidence to meet up again with friends whose company has been missed.

It is so good to be able to hold a service and to join in singing as a congregation, giving praise and thanksgiving for all that we have been given in this life.  Listening to hymn music has enabled us to continue with our services but as nice as it has been, especially when we could hear recorded voices, it is not the same as being able to use our own voices. This is still carried out in a safe way, even though restrictions have been removed, and those wishing to wear a mask when singing are free to do so.

Calverleigh hosted the group service with Holy Communion on Sunday 8 August, which was led by Rev'd Steph Gordon-Jeffs.  Our congregation was welcomed from around the valley and it was good to be able to meet face to face with those who we have been seeing on Zoom, or hearing via Conference call.  Dave Edwards and Sue Rivett provided the music with guitar and violin and the congregation sang with gusto. Thank you Steph for a lovely service and to Dave and Sue for the music.

Also on the 8 the village hall committee kindly organised a Tea on the Green afternoon but due to the inclement weather during the morning, opted to hold it indoors instead. A lovely tea consisting of three choices of sandwich filling along with scones, clotted cream and a choice of three different jams were provided.

It was wonderful to see those that we had not seen for a long time, but also faces of new residents that we hope to become familiar with in the near future.  As the afternoon began the sun shone and many people made use of the green to mingle, 'catch up' or become aquainted.

Following the tea those present were entertained by 'In Harmony', normally a trio but on this occassion a duo. Although they had concerns about their programme, being a singer down, they sang songs and medleys from the 50s and 60s. Thank you Cathy and Lyn, you performed very well.

Thank you to the hall committee, Mrs Drew and her helpers for the tea and of course to everyone who turned out to make this a very pleasant afternoon.

A warm welcome to all who have moved into the village recently and we hope that you will be very happy in your new surroundings.  Now that there is a bit more movement of people coming together, we hope to meet you at either a village or church event or a combination of both, where you will be able to get to know your new neighbours.  Please see the Exe Valley Mission Community website for updates of services/activities within the group or at St. Mary's.

Congratulations to Nik and Dave who celebrate their 10th Wedding Anniversary in September - where did that decade go? We'd also like to wish Myrtle a very happy 90th Birthday. We hope that you have a great day!

Congratulations also to anyone else who have been or will be celebrating a life event: birth, birthday, wedding, anniversary in the coming months. (Do tell us if you want us to add a message here in the magazine).  

For all those who have received exam results we hope that you have achieved everything needed to proceed to the next part of your education or for your first steps into working life.

As the new school year begins we wish all those children on their first steps into school life a happy and settled time and the same to all who are now moving onto secondary school/college or university.  May this new school year be a much less disruptive one than the last two for all members of staff and pupils.

Our condolences go to anyone who has had a bereavement in recent times. Our thoughts and prayers are with you at this most difficult of times. May God comfort and protect you at this difficult time.

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