Exe Valley Mission Community


This Sunday's Services

On Sunday, 14th July, we are looking forward to worshipping with you on Zoom or Conference Call at 9.30am (lines open up at 9.15am).

Other Services taking place this Sunday:

  • 9.15am - Explore with Steph and David at Rackenford
  • 9.30am - Zoom Service
  • 9.30am - A reflective service with breakfast at Stoodleigh
  • 10.45am - Family Service at Cruwys Morchard
  • 10.45am - Holy Communion with Steph and David at Loxbeare
  • 10.45am - Morning Praise at Templeton
  • 10.45am - Service of the Word at Withleigh
  • 6.00pm - Songs of Praise at Oakford

Next Sunday: 21st July 2024

  • 9.30am - Zoom Service
  • 9.30am - Family Service at Calverleigh
  • 10.45am - Morning Praise at Oakford
  • 10.45am - Morning Praise at Rackenford
  • 10.45am - Family Service at Washfield
  • 10.45am - Holy Communion with Steph at Withleigh
  • 6.00pm - Songs of Praise at Stoodleigh
  • 6.30pm - Evening Praise at Loxbeare

For details of future services, see our Service page here.

Zoom Telephone instructions:

  • Dial: 0131 460 1196
  • You are then welcomed to Zoom and asked to type in the meeting ID e.g. 123 4567 8901 plus # (This is not the actual ID)
  • If the next instruction is to add your personal ID just press # to ignore
  • When passcode requested type numbers  e.g. 123456 plus #. (This is not the actual passcode)
  • At this point you should be admitted to the call.

Looking for the actual Zoom meeting ID and Passcode?

Please contact the church office in advance of the meeting and we'll send you codes by email - or refer to the weekly email update!

See the Resources page for service and children's activity sheets.


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