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Calverleigh March Update 2021

As the Today Magazine did not go to print in February, but was available online, the decision was made to use some of the same news as before especially for those not able to access it via the website.  There are however a few additions. Those who did read it online can therefore play Spot the Difference.

Our congratulations go to Daniel and Lorna Webber on the arrival of a son Sebastian Eric who was born in December, a baby brother for Evie . We hope that you are all doing well.

In February we learned of the passing of Mary Walker.  Mary had been unwell for many years and she had been in our prayers for all of that time. Our thoughts and prayers are with Geoff and family.  Our condolences also go to all who are mourning the loss of a loved one.

If you have been suffering from ill health over the past few weeks/months we hope that you will be feeling much better soon.

Our monthly 2 hour time of prayer continues on the first Saturday of each month and the Annual Day of Prayer will take place on Saturday 1 May, with details to follow.  

A date has been set for the church APCM which will be 26 April 2021.  This will take place as a Zoom meeting and conference call.  We will let you know more details closer to the time.

As time goes by more of us in different age groups will receive our vaccinations and we are hopeful that restrictions will be eased so that we will be able to begin arranging some social events.  It has been a long, long time since we have been able to meet together in person and we have missed each other's company and fellowship.  There have been plenty of opportunities to see people online but just to be able to be in the same room together enjoying a cup of tea and a slice of cake would be wonderful and very welcome.  In the meantime if anyone has any inventive ideas for fundraising please contact Aubrey or Jackie, our Churchwardens, or any member of the PCC. Our church unfortunately costs a fair amount to run, so if you have any ideas please let us know!

On the subject of the vaccines, thanks must go to the NHS and the many volunteers who are working so hard to keep on track with the Government's plan.  We have all been living through a very difficult year, with many of our parishioners shielding right from the outset of the pandemic, and it will be a relief when life can hopefully begin to return to some sort of normality with work and family life.

Please see the website (www.exevalleychurches.org/calverleigh) for any update information on services or activities.  Remember, you can also send us details (including photos) of your news, events – online or otherwise. Please send them to Dave Burton by calling 01884 561499 or by email: calverleigh@exevalleychurches.org.

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