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Coming up this week on Zoom

Dear All,

Thank you to all of you who took part in our service this morning. Hopefully it was easier to hear and participate. We had 98 calls with several of those being more than one person at the end of the phone - so very encouraging for 'Low Sunday'!

This is just to remind you of some things we have planned for this week:

20 April at 2.30pm Film Club on Zoom.

Victoria and Abdul (if you didn't see it last weekend you will need to watch it on BBC1 iplayer.

ID: 793-090-6831        Password: 020068

22 April at 10.30am Coffee morning on Zoom.

ID: 724-3154-0535        Password: 008152

22 April at 7.30pm Bible Study on Zoom.

ID: 743-5393-9448        Password: 058725

You can download Bible Study notes for this Bible Study, here (Word Doc)

Please give us a ring and let me know if you need help accessing Zoom, or if you would prefer to do this by Conference call.

David Runcorn Reflections

David Runcorn (who wrote the reflections we used in Holy Week) has written six more on the resurrection, and has kindly offered them to us. They are already on his own website here: www.davidruncorn.com/drwp/six-reflections-on-the-resurrection/

Share your favourite Bible verses...

Thanks to all those who have given us your favourite Bible verses. We are hoping to put them on the website soon.


Please remember in your prayers the family and friends of John Southwood, John Wood and David Evans, all of whom have died recently.
Please keep in touch with us. We love to hear from you.

With our love to you and your families this week,

Steph and Robert

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