Exe Valley Mission Community


Comings and Goings

At last it feels as if the summer is here, and with it the arrival of visitors and the departure of people as they go off on holiday.

I love having visitors! Especially in the summer. Sitting in the garden, in the sunshine, something delicious bubbling away in the oven, lots of laughter and convivial chat, while Lovely Husband perfects his new-found skill of knocking up a Bellini, or a Negroni or an Aperol Spritz... You see it’s a hard, hard life, here at The Rectory!

But there again - having visitors means Bed Making, Sheet Washing and Mega Food Shopping. It means that the night- time dash for the loo is no longer a quick sprint down the corridor. One is required to grope around in the dark for a dressing gown. The leisurely soak in the bath requires booking in advance. And more outrageously - Visitors Demand Feeding - not just the meticulously selected and executed evening meal, but Breakfast and Lunch and even the odd cup of tea as well!

And then they go. We wave them off, we look at each other, and sigh and say how lovely it's been and how-we-really-must-do-it-again-before-too-long. And we mean it!

Comings and goings are a part of life, and we've have had to say goodbye to quite a few people this year. People who have made a real difference to our lives. And it's hard to see them go. None more so than John and Marion Roberts. They have been here a long time. They have made a significant contribution to the life of the Mission Community, and to many, many individuals over the years. Their love for Jesus and their desire to serve him shines through all they do. The day before I had my interview for Rector of the Mission Community, John said that if I was appointed, he would support me. And he and Marion have done just that - and I am deeply grateful. John and Marion - thank you! We will miss you. We ask God's blessing upon you.

Of course, John and Marion have been far more than visitors. They have been an integral part of our community. But perhaps it is a timely reminder that for all of us, 'This world is not my home, I'm just a passing through...' We are visitors. With God's presence with us, let's make the most of our visit!

Have a great summer.


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