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It’s good being Granny!

There are lots of things about being a granny I really like – and, if I'm honest a couple of things I don't! However, the good things far outweigh the bad – the observational comments about the way my skin moves and crinkles, and the deep hilarity at my attempts to play football. What I really enjoy is introducing my grandson to new things, especially things that mean a lot to me.

Take the panto for instance! I love the theatre – and there’s nothing like a good panto! (Oh, yes there is! Oh, no there isn’t!) And we went to see a really good one, full of old jokes, and familiar routines. If you are five (or even 105) there’s nothing funnier than seeing someone trying to milk a pantomime cow!

Of course, there was quite a lot of explaining to do.

Enter Jack
Jack:  Hello everybody! My name’s Jack!
Everybody (except Grandson):  Hello Jack!
Grandson:  That’s not Jack! That’s a girl!
Me:  Yes, I know. A girl is playing the part of Jack.
Grandson:  Why?
Me:  It’s just what happens in pantomime.
Grandson:  Why?
Me:  It just does! Wait ‘til you see Jack’s mum….!

Anyway – once we had got over those little hurdles, we had a wonderful time, and Grandson joined in with gusto, as if he had been an avid pantomime-goer all his life. And apart from being jolly good fun, it was a granny-privilege to introduce him to such delights.

All of which has set me thinking. How wonderful it was to see so many generations of people coming to church recently, singing old songs and hearing the old stories. Christmas is a great time to do just that. But there are other times too – and a couple of them are coming up. We have a Praise Party which is for all the family, from granddads to grandsons, and everyone in between. (See the events section for details). Mothering Sunday is also a great day to come to church, join in with the old tradition of saying thankyou to God for those who have and still do, love and look after us. See centre pages of the magazine. Put the dates in your diary and come along. Introduce (or re-introduce) your children and grandchildren to something old and something new. Enjoy the privilege of doing so. It would be lovely to see you.

Wishing you and your family every blessing,

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