Exe Valley Mission Community


Steph ReflEXE - Aug 2018

There has been so much to reflect on over the past few weeks and I have been delighted to do so... lying in the sun... stretched out in the paddling pool... glass of the red stuff not to far away! Ah - the life of the rural Rector is a hard one!

I have reflected on the way the sunshine just seems to bring out the best in people; the joys of eating outside and cooking on a barbeque (even when one has a perfectly good table, chairs and oven only a few feet away; the commitment and hard work required by everyone who organises and runs a fete; the sheer excitement and wonder at seeing people who are in love, getting married; the amazing football and tennis; the heart-rending good news stories of boys rescued and so on, and so on.

And for all my reflection, I have one overriding thought to share with you.

Alleluia! The Lord is good! Thanks be to God!

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