Exe Valley Mission Community


Steph ReflEXE - June 2017

I've just undertaken my last duty as Mayor's Chaplain at the Mayor Choosing ceremony. I've been doing it now for two years, and it has been fascinating to get a glimpse into some of the goings-on. There's a strange little ritual where the out-going mayor processes out of the Council Chamber (followed by his chaplain) into an ante room, and then there is a quick change of clothes and the new mayor processes in. All of which is vaguely reminiscent of a French farce - except in this scenario everyone definitely keeps their trousers on!

At the time of writing, things were up in the air in France, but now the election result is known, and a new regime has taken control, while others no doubt reflect and re-group, planning for the future. By the time you read this, we will have had our own election, and we will know the winners and the losers.

Winning and losing. Victory and defeat. Such a lot of energy, words and hot air spent on gaining power and destroying the opposition, for such a comparatively short amount of time. It’s so easy to cut down and destroy; it’s much more difficult to build up and encourage. The Bible has some things to say about such things. 'So, let's agree to use all our energy in getting along with each other. Help others with encouraging words; don’t drag them down by finding fault.' (Romans 14: 19 MSG) Whoever is elected, let's hope that they have the wisdom to think long-term, to build something good and the restraint not to knock down. And I hope, in my own small way, I do too.

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