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From the Rector

Well, to start with that looks a little strange - at least, it does to me! Maybe it does to you too, as you have been without one for so long! A rector, I mean. And shouldn't it be Rectrix instead of Rector? But then, would I be living in the Rectrixy or Rectrixory rather than the Rectory? And what does it matter anyway?

I am very please to be with you at last and I look forward to meeting you over the next few weeks and months. Whatever you wish to call me will be fine - Rectpr, Rectrix, Stephanie, Steph, Steff, Steff Jeffs, Steph Jephs or Stephie Jeffie, or even Stephany Jeffany (I have been called all of these and many other things besides!)

I will start work in December but I will not move house until the middle of January. When I say 'I' will move house, it will probably mean more than just me and the cat (Esme). My younger son Patrick with Imogen and maybe our friend Ben will be with me and regular visitors will be my daughter Rosie with Noah and my elder son Matthew - when he comes home from teaching English in Hanoi. And here we are - well some of us!

Steph and Family

So - what can I say, after all this time of waiting? Well, obviously, Advent is the season of waiting; waiting for the promise of good things to come and I hope and pray that everyone living, working and worshipping in the Exe Valley will experience the good things that God has in store for us.

When I was offered the post of Team Rector, I stumbled across a very from "The Message", which has meant a great deal to me over the last few months. 'I have pitched my tent in the land of hope' - and I tryly believe that this is what God has called me to do - and that WE will be living in the land of hope together!

I hope that I will see as many of you as possible at the many Christmas Services that will take place in the Exe Valley. You are all very welcome! Come and introduce yourselves. I also hope that you will all join me for prayer in the New Year - a new beginning in the life of the Church in the Exe Valley. The prayer that we will be using on Sunday 1st January is on Page 10 of the magazine.

The timetable for the Week of prayer for Christian Unity which runs from 18 - 25 January, isn on page 12 of the magazine. Do join me in prayer, whether in Church with others, at various places during the week, or in your own home.

God bless you! and may you have a very happy Christmas and an equally happy New year.


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