Exe Valley Mission Community
The 9 parish churches

Every second month in the Exe Valley, the team work hard to produce our much loved magazine, which has regular updates from all the parishes, as well as the children's and youth groups. If you haven't received the latest edition, you can now download it, along with an archive of other recent editions, here on the website!

Contact details for the Editor, Churchwardens, Advertising etc can be found on Page 2 of the latest edition of the Magazine.

All the below downloads are in PDF format unless otherwise stated.

The latest Issue:

Download here: October / November 2019 or view below:



After discussions with Steph and Steve in the Office, we have decided to alter the times of the Deadline Dates. Due to the complexities of preparing the Service Rotas, lateness of receiving some of the approved returned drafts and sometimes late alterations. We also need to be stricter about late alterations and additions to the Round-ups as this puts too much pressure on us trying to fit things in after the Deadline Date.

We are always happy to add things in, after publication but before the file goes to the website, just before the end of the month.

  • October / November: Wednesday 4 September
  • December / January 2020: Wednesday 6 November  (This date obviously makes it impossible for you to get in your Remembrance photos etc, so we will be "in talks" to discuss how we can get round this).