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Clergy Ramblings:

 Welcome to the Clergy Ramblings section. This is where our Clergy will share is thoughts and such.

Reflections at the end of my placement

During my placement with the Exe Valley Mission Community I have learned so much, that it’s hard to know where to start. It has been a pr...

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There are some things I never get around to doing. Never. Never ever. The coats on the hooks by the front door, for example. There are several ...

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Steph ReflEXE - Aug 2018

There has been so much to reflect on over the past few weeks and I have been delighted to do so... lying in the sun... stretched out in the paddlin...

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Welcome Gerda

Hello... My name is Gerda and I am an Ordinand (first stage of training for the priesthood) with the Benefice of Newton Abbot. I have just comp...

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Words! Words! Words! – an Interactive Letter for your Summer entertainment!

Read through the letter and see whether you think the quotes are from William Shakespeare or the Bible – and where they come from. Turn to pa...

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Notices for Sunday 8th July 2018

We trust that you're enjoying the heatwave and are keeping as cool as possible. It's a relatively quiet week in the Exe Valley this coming ...

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Christian Comment - June 2018

I was amused to read a funny little story about Alastair Campbell the other day. You know who I mean - Alastair Campbell, the erstwhile bagpipe pla...

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A Christian Comment - of sorts!

Oh dear! I've done something that I haven’t done before - as far as I know. I have missed a deadline. Not for this magazine, I hasten to ...

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Steph ReflEXE - Jun 2018

I have just come back from a few days away, in Assisi. I have never been before. It is, allegedly, one of those 'thin' places, where the di...

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It's all an education!

I am having to educate my husband. (And to be fair, he's having to educate me - but we won't go into that now!) We've visited places th...

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