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Clergy Ramblings:

 Welcome to the Clergy Ramblings section. This is where our Clergy will share is thoughts and such.

Still Looking For The Perfect Present?

As the end of the year draws near, so does the season of Christmas shopping.   In a recent survey, half the people who were questioned descr...

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Prayer Diary

The Exe Valley Mission Community prayer diary for December is now available. You can either pick it up from one of the churches or download it as a w...

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Mid-Week Homegroups

Our mid-week homegroups will be starting up again on Wednesday 28th September, tracing the storyline of the Bible from Genesis to Revelation over the ...

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God's BIG Picture

The whole of the Bible in just six words! On 14th September in Withleigh Village Hall we will be following the storyline of the Bible from Genesis to...

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Prayer For Our Parishes

The Mission Community prayer diary for September is now available from our churches, or you can download it here. Each day there is a praise point an...

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Holiday Club - Mission Rescue

Many thanks to all those who worked hard to make holiday club such a great week, especially to Cindy, without whom holiday club would not have happene...

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Rev Dr John Stott

We thank God for the life-long ministry of John Stott, who died last week at the age of ninety.  A great teacher, writer, pastor and evangelist, ...

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Happy Holidays?

What does the word ‘holiday’ mean to you? To some of us, it means a break from the old routine, a change of scenery, and some peace and q...

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Greetings from the Rector

Finally our brand new website is up and running, thanks to the hard work of Dave Burton at Doive Designs. The site is still a work in progress, so I l...

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