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Clergy Ramblings:

 Welcome to the Clergy Ramblings section. This is where our Clergy will share is thoughts and such.

Latest Guidance (updated 22nd Dec 2021)

I met with the church wardens this week to discuss our response to the latest government guidance, especially regarding some of our busier Christmas s...

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Prayer for Sunday 7th Nov

We will be glad to have Steve back in the office this week! This was in Daily Prayer for today. I thought it worth remembering. The Lord is at m...

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Prayer of the Week

Steve is away on holiday away on holiday this week. If you need to speak to Steph please ring the church office and leave a message. I have just re...

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Weekly Prayer

Lord we pray for your Church. We pray that all Christians may grow closer to one another in faith, in understanding and in love. God our Creator, ...

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Absence and Prayer

Steph and Robert are away on holiday until 25th October but the Church Office will be open at the usual times on Monday and Friday. The office will no...

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Lord, we pray for your church

Steph and Robert are away on holiday until 25th October but the Church Office will be open at the usual times. Lord, we pray for your church, that ...

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Last week, as you know, I was at Balliol College. One of our lectures was about Collects, given to us by Max Kramer, the Precentor of Canterbury Cathe...

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Balliol College Oxford

The Patron of one of our churches is Balliol College Oxford. Every three years they invite clergy with a Balliol Living to go to Balliol for a week to...

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Trust in His timing

I read this today and I pass it on to you: Trust in His timing Rely on His promises Wait for His answers Believe in His miracles Rejoice in his...

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Put a new song in my heart

We have so much to celebrate but are only too aware of the many people in this world who are suffering. We also pray for the children in our Mission C...

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