Exe Valley Mission Community

Exe Valley Churches Holiday Club 2022

We sincerely hope to be able to run our holiday club in the Summer of 2022.

Please visit this page again closer to the time.




The Exe Valley Mission Community is a community of nine churches and each church has a detailed Policy in place which meets the standard required by the Diocese. All those who are involved in work with, or come into contact with, vulnerable adults or children are required to undertake training at the appropriate level. This includes Church Council (PCC) members, clergy and the Safeguarding Officers for each parish. The training is provided by the Diocese and its aim is to set safeguarding in the context of the church, and to familiarise trainees with church and state legislation, policies and practice.

The Safeguarding Officer of each parish reviews the Policy every year and any changes are reported to the PCC.

A copy of the Policy is available from the Safeguarding Officer for the Mission Community, Cindy Trick, whose email is cindy@trickfamily.eclipse.co.uk

You can find out more about our Safeguarding policies here...