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Calverleigh July 2018 Round Up

We hope that you've all enjoyed the Summer this year - that's right we actually had one for more than a few days! Our annual Day of Pra...

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Templeton Update for August 2018

This is no 'ordinary' time either politically or environmentally.  The world doesn’t feel a very safe place at present.  Th...

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Withleigh Notes for August 2018

Work to the west wall of the church was completed at the beginning of June, involving replacement of the decayed stonework to the band course and a...

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Loxbeare Update - Aug 2018

On Sunday 29 July we are planning to hold a picnic service, weather permitting, somewhere on Exmoor (to be decided). We will be meeting at the Chur...

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Notices for Sunday 8th July 2018

We trust that you're enjoying the heatwave and are keeping as cool as possible. It's a relatively quiet week in the Exe Valley this coming ...

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Christian Comment - June 2018

I was amused to read a funny little story about Alastair Campbell the other day. You know who I mean - Alastair Campbell, the erstwhile bagpipe pla...

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CHAT June Newsletter

As a church community, we are keen to support good causes, both locally and internationally. CHAT (Churches Housing Action Team) was founded by Chr...

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A Christian Comment - of sorts!

Oh dear! I've done something that I haven’t done before - as far as I know. I have missed a deadline. Not for this magazine, I hasten to ...

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Calverleigh Round Up - June 2018

It is so good to see our glorious countryside coming back to life with trees and hedgerows bursting with wonderful colour once again. Bishop Sa...

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Steph ReflEXE - Jun 2018

I have just come back from a few days away, in Assisi. I have never been before. It is, allegedly, one of those 'thin' places, where the di...

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