Exe Valley Mission Community


An election prayer - voters and government in this land

Lord, as we thank you for the freedoms we enjoy in our country, so we pray for our national life, asking that you would bless both those in government and each one of us, as together we work for a better future for this land and our world.

Lord our God,
guide the leaders of our land,
that they may show integrity in their public life,
wisdom in their decision making,
compassion in their speaking,
and courage in times of difficulty,
and strengthen all members of our society,
that we may shun the temptations of cynicism and conflict,
 and work together to bring about
 the relief of suffering,
the increase of opportunity,
the peace of all nations,
and the nurture of our environment,
Through Jesus Christ our Lord.

(taken from The Canterbury Book of New Parish Prayers by M.J.Kramer)

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