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Conference Call Service for Palm Sunday

Greetings everybody!

This is the latest update for Sunday 5 April 2020, Palm Sunday

Firstly, a very big thank you to everyone who joined, or who attempted to join, the Conference call Service last Sunday. We had 64 calls, which means that as some calls included more than one person, we had 80+ people in attendance. Wonderful! It was so good to hear all your voices. Here are a few things to remember for next week:

  • The text of the service is on the website under Resources, or it will be emailed to you. Please contact me as soon as possible with the name and address of anyone who would like to receive it in the post.

  • The number to join the Conference call and the Access Code remain the same. They are:

    • Dial-in number: 0330 606 0403

    • Access code: 546789#

  • Robert and I will start the call at 9.45am, providing a 15 minute window for people to join.

  • You may have to try several times.

  • Please say your name as requested and then wait until we begin our service at 10.00am.

  • We will start our worship at 10.00am.

  • Try and remember that any noise can be heard. Once started we will try not to interrupt the flow!

  • If you cannot access the call until after 10.00am don’t be afraid to say your name to activate your call but remember that we have started.

  • At the points in the service when we are speaking together (or singing), put your hand over the mouthpiece and sing along, or join in. We can still participate, but we do not need to speak into the telephone. This might help reduce the multiple sounds and delay. All we can do is have a go and see what happens!

  • We realise that a couple of people were not able to access the call, and we are trying to find out why. Everyone had a slightly different experience, and so thank you to all of you who gave us feedback.

  • Thank you also to all those who said the service at home.

Palm Sunday decoration

  • As it is Palm Sunday, if you would like to, and have access to any greenery, leaves, branches, foliage, please make a decoration and put it on your front door or in your window. Take a picture of it and send it to us to put on our website or magazine.

Palm Sunday Reflection – Words of Hope

Sunday Night @ 7.00pm

  • We have been asked to put a lighted candle in a window at 7.00pm each Sunday evening at a symbol of prayer and hope.

Holy Week

  • Robert and I are intending to have a short service each evening during Holy Week. The service can be accessed by our Conference Call and materials will be available on the website. Final details will be available soon.


  • We are trying hard to communicate with as many people as possible, in as many ways as possible – but there are gaps. Please pass on any and everything to whoever you think might be interested. Robert and I would prefer to hear something multiple times rather than not hear at all.

  • Please let me know if there are specific prayer requests or practical needs.

  • For those who have access to the internet, I am hoping to have a Coffee Morning via Zoom in the next couple of weeks (when I’ve worked out how to do it!). Can you let me know if you would be interested in joining in? For those who haven’t got the internet maybe we could try a small Conference call chat?

I am sure you will receive other updates. I hope what we are ‘putting out there’ is useful. As we travel together towards Palm Sunday, Holy Week and Easter let us remember the resurrection life Jesus brings.

With my love and prayers,


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