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Steph ReflExe: Wedding

There are not many times when I have felt completely speechless and overwhelmed. But getting married is definitely one of them. Robert and I have, on more than one occasion, been rendered speechless and a little bit tearful, by the love and joy that surrounded us. We would like to thank everyone for the love and generosity you have shown us, in celebrating our wedding, and sharing our joy. We have received hundreds and hundreds of cards and messages. We had a perfect day. It was exactly what we had wanted – despite Storm Brian! And we are thrilled and grateful that so many of you were able to come and share it with us. Thank you so much!

Interestingly, on the run up to the wedding, the lectionary gospel readings featured some of the stories that Jesus told about the Kingdom of God. He often used the picture of a wedding. Weddings are a high point in most people’s lives, and in the lives of their families, friends and communities. So much time, effort and resources are lavished into preparing for a wedding. When I talk to couples after the event, they often say that it was the best day ever. And I get that. Because 21st October was the best day ever, for me! (Well, and Robert too, I hope!) But it is also a reminder of what God says that he has prepared for us in heaven. The ultimate wedding banquet. No prosecco spared! And the best bit is that everyone, absolutely everyone is invited.

All we have to do is accept the invitation.

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