Exe Valley Mission Community
Home Groups

Home Groups and Prayer Breakfasts

I am pleased to announce that Home Groups and Prayer Breakfasts will resume this autumn. Details as follows:

Home Groups

Wednesday Home Group

Home Group Programme up to Advent 2017.

Church Cottage, Stoodleigh*, 7.30pm with thanks to Bryan & Audrey

We start each evening on "feedback" on Sunday's Gospel reading/sermon; then watch a DVD entitled "Chat around the Bible". No-one will be expected to read or pray, or say anything - it is perfectly acceptable to come and listen if that is your style!

  • 13 Sept (Matt 18 v 15-20) - Applying the Bible
  • 27 Sept* (Matt 20 v 1-16) - Materialism & Christianity
  • 11 Oct (Matt 21 v 33-46) - Spiritual things
  • 25 Oct (Matt 22 v 15-22) - Prayer
  • 8 Nov (Matt 5 v 1-12) - Christian Growth
  • 22 Nov (Matt 25 v 14-30) - Evangelism

*The meeting on 27th September will be at Withleigh Rectory - thank you Steph!

Monday Home Group
Our Monday evening home group begins on 18th September at 8pm (fortnightly) at 6 Southfield Way Tiverton. If you're interested in coming along please contact Paul Iliff on 01884 253473.

We will be introducing each session with a DVD entitled "Chatting around the Bible", the emphasis will then be upon discussion based upon the Lectionary Readings for the previous Sunday. We will allow time for sharing and prayer and finish each evening between 9.00 and 9.30pm.

Prayer Breakfasts

These will be monthly on the last Saturday of each month commencing on Saturday 30th September. This year I would like to hold these continental type breakfasts around the parishes in turn and to this end we will be looking for a home in each parish who would be prepared to host one breakfast. We will provide the necessary food etc. so that all the host would need to do would be to make space (and cutlery etc.!) available in their home from 9.00am to, say, 11.00am on a Saturday morning. It would be good to hear from any who would be happy to act as hosts in this way. I would like to hold the first one, 30 September, at the Rectory.

I do trust that these events will increase our fellowship together.