Exe Valley Mission Community

Week of Prayer for Christian Unity 2018: That All May Be Free

Location: Various
Starts: 20th January 2018
Ends: 27th January 2018
From: 9:00am - 9:30am

18–25 January

"Praying for the unity of the Church involves a recognition not only of the brokenness of Christian relationships but also how injustice in the world at large rends asunder Christian communities and impedes our participation in God’s mission. History too plays a part, casting a shadow over how we live our lives together in community.

All of these issues emerge from the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity materials for 2018. The churches of the Caribbean region describe to us their own context, how the hand of God was active in ending slavery, and how God’s mission in the world is a call to us all to unite together in ending injustice, that which casts a shadow from the past and current forms of injustice such as poverty, trafficking and discrimination.

This particular Caribbean experience is a challenge to us in our context to reflect more deeply on the injustices in our own nations in Britain and Ireland which create the divisions that impede our participation in God’s mission, with the call to actively work to end all division."

Bob Fyffe, General Secretary, Churches Together in Britain and Ireland

Please join us as we meet together to pray across the Mission Community.

This year, throughout the Exe Valley Mission Community there are opportunities to meet together to pray for peace and reconciliation both globally and locally. Please feel free to join me at any or all (!) of the following church venues, with the exception of Loxbeare, which will take place in the hall, and will include breakfast. If you wish to follow the week at home please use some of the prayers below.

Saturday 20th January

  • 9.00am - Withleigh
  • 3.00pm - Templeton

Sunday 21st January

  • 11.00am - Cruwys Morchard
  • 6.30pm - Stoodleigh

Monday 22nd January

  • 10.00am - Oakford

Tuesday 23rd January

  • Please pray at home   

Wednesday 24th January

  • 9.45am - Rackenford

Thursday 25th January

  • 10.30am - Washfield

Friday 26th January

  • 7.30pm - Calverleigh

Saturday 27th January

  • 9.30am - Prayer Breakfast in Loxbeare

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